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Site Updates Coming SOON!
1 Apr 2010 - 0 Views - admin
Greetings Everyone...we have been on hiatus for a long time. Within the next couple of months you shall be seeing new updates. Thank you kindly for visiting us! Stay tuned!
Director looses 1.5 cr because of Kangna Ranaut
1 Apr 2010 - 1187 Views - admin
Kangna Ranaut recently went through a freaky accident while she was shooting for her film, ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ in Jalandher. But this accident has burnt a hole in producer Sailesh Singh’s pocket as he has underwent a huge lossof about 1.5 crore for this.

Sailesh who was about to insure the film regrets not doing it before. “I should have insured it. The tragic part is that I had spoken to an insurance agent on March 27 and we were supposed to get the film insured by end of the week. Unfortunately, the accident happened on March 28.” Read More...
Kangana is elated post winning National Award
4 Feb 2010 - 1186 Views - admin
After winning the National Award for best supporting actress for her performance in Fashion, Kangana Ranaut is elated and says she has won the highest honour at a very young age and maybe she should pack her bags and go back home.

"There's a mini celebration in my house, though my parents were crying when they heard about it. At 23, I seem to have cracked the highest cultural award for the country. What more can I do? I should just pack up and go back to my home in Himachal (Pradesh) now with my parents," Kangana said. Read More...
Kangana’s Sister Gains Justice
4 Feb 2010 - 1660 Views - admin
The two men who attacked Kangana Ranaut’s sister, Rangoli, with acid have finally been brought to justice. Avinash and Prem Singh received five-year sentences for their vicious attack in 2006 which left Rangoli with extensive burn injuries to her face and torso. “While we cannot get back the years my sister lost, I am happy to see that the people behind this have been punished,” said Kangana. Read More...
Kangna goes the British way
4 Feb 2010 - 1452 Views - admin
This is what they call coming back to square one…

The leading lady’s role of Abhinay Deo’s tentatively titled film ‘Crooked’ was hopping from one actress to another. First Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, then Pakistani actress Soniya Jehan… And now it has finally come on the lap of our slim beauty Kangna Ranaut, who was in fact offered the role in the first place. Read More...
Kangana Ranaut - No Textbook on Bollywood
11 Dec 2009 - 1296 Views - admin
When asked to give advice to youngsters on how to be a Bollywood star, Kangana Ranaut admits it’s not easy, “Acting is not like MBBS — there are no textbooks, no written tests that you can sit for, excel in and get a degree in,” she says, “In the film industry, there’s no rulebook. In fact, before an exam, one knows what one has missed reading, and should have known, to get the right marks. Here, you don’t even know if you’re going wrong!” Read More...
Kangana Quick To Deny Headley Rumours
10 Nov 2009 - 1428 Views - admin
As rumours continue that the suspected LeT terrorist, David Coleman Headley, met a whole slew of Bollywood personalities whilst using Rahul Bhatt's gym in Mumbai, including Emraan Hashmi, Aarti Chhabria and Tara Sharma; Kangana Ranaut has rushed to deny any personal links with the American. "My daughter, Kangana, has no links with Lashkar aide David Headley," says her father Amardeep, "She never met nor spoke to Headley. We are really disturbed that such allegations have been levelled against her." Read More...

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